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“Believe me – they’re all looking at you”

So yes, I’ve been obsessing over ‘Cinderella’ these days, be it on my Snapchat or Instagram. The Lookbook post I shot for, not too long ago, can be your know-it-all. My subconsciousness is at wheels ever since. Straight out of a ‘Fairytale’, this one’s ‘Magical’, ethereal, feminine, beautiful and ‘Surreal’. Yes, it is a LABEL VIDHI WADHWANI, yet again, and it is ‘One Cinderella Moment’ dress!

Have taken the liberty to style the dress and compose the post the ‘Cinderella’ way. An idealist that I am! So, if you happen to find ‘Cinderella’ texts/quotes/symbolism, it’s purely intentional.

Featured herein,

The floral draped gown, from the Label’s AW’16 Festive Capsule Collection.

The translucent gown with a sheer neckline and 3D texturing over one-shoulder will leave you ‘All Aglow’ this spirited season. Also, the sheer back is truly hard to miss.

Pink and Gold! ‘Sparkles’ in just the right dose with peek-a-boo glitters across the fabric. One steal, I’d say!

If volume overdose is your thing then this one ‘Spells’ elegance. The flair and the flounce this ‘Light and Airy’ prettiness has to offer can give your heart ‘The Wings’.

To a Cocktail, is how I have styled the dress. You could say the Cinderella ‘Ball’ Dress. Just, very today! What the new age woman who dares to shatter ‘Glass Ceilings’ and not necessarily don ‘The Glass Slippers’, would wear. The one who doesn’t have to adhere to the nuances of ‘the Time’ nor wait for her ‘Pumpkin Carriage’ to kindle her ‘Dreams’.

‘What Should Be Done’ has never been my thing. I have fun experimenting. So instead of going all dressy I have styled this dress with only a pair of statement earrings by PRERTO and an arm cuff by SUHANI PITTIE. Is it just me or does the circular earring happen to look like ‘the Clock’? And the pearl within, ‘The Twelfth Hour’? Yes, it’s got the ‘Glass’ pink Swarovski too.

‘Cinder-like’, ‘Ashy’ smoky ‘Blue’ eyes whilst also adhering to the famous Cinderella quote, ‘Have Courage and be Kind’. ‘Courageous’ bold eyes and ‘Kind’ soft nudish pink lips!


“And I can fly”



“My heart has wings”


“When there is kindness there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic”


“Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done”


“I’ll touch every star in the sky”


“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep”


“So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of”


“…If only you believe in courage and kindness and occasionally just a little bit…of magic”


LABEL VIDHI WADHWANI can be your ‘Fairy Dust’ this festive season. ‘Swirl Around’ in ‘Dreamy’ silhouettes the Label has to offer and ‘Ta-da’! Sure to take breaths away! And did I mention, one needs no ‘Prince Charming’ to be a ‘Cinderella’. One just has to find one’s ‘Fairy Godmother’, the way I did mine!

… And ‘occasionally believe in some Magic’.

Dress: LABEL VIDHI WADHWANI / Earrings: Flora Earrings, PRERTO / Arm Cuff: The Palm Cuff, SUHANI PITTIE / On my eyes: MAC Pigment ‘Cornflower’/ On my lips: MAC Matte ‘Please Me’

Location Courtesy: CHOKAR DHANI


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