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February may come to an end, but Love is for keeps…eternity and beyond. That statement though. My patent!

Continue your love affair in the QUIRK BOX ‘Pyar Top.’ I so had to grab this one, for, I felt it was the QUIRKiest of the lot with its statement wordplay. The short-long top with vertical stripes and a beautiful color-play is flattering to all frame sizes. Also available in black-white ‘Love’ version.

Behold the CHIC A LABEL acid yellow dhoti-pants. Did your lashes flutter? It boasts of thigh-high slits. Pulls the whole look together, in my opinion.

Donning side-swept donut-bun hair, MICARE ring, EMPORIO ARMANI shades, GLOBUS hand ornaments, and the patent leather VERSACE JEANS sling bag.

QUIRKing up the look further is the REEBOK shoes. Have shed inhibitions of fashion faux-pas. I have fun experimenting ’cause why the hell not! I am thirty-two and swear by the adage, ‘Aging gracefully is an art; aging disgracefully is an absolute blast.’ Couldn’t agree more! It is only when one is willing to commit mistakes, with heaps of drafts littering about in the room, that one can create a masterpiece. This look got me featured on the Official Instagram Page of QUIRKBOX as ‘the QUIRKer of the week.’ This try got me places!










QUIRK BOX (Instagram/TheQuirkBox) : ‘Art meets Fashion.’ A brand that boasts of quirky, fresh, fun, young and playful take on clothes. Big hit with Fashion Bloggers. The Instagram Page of the brand is also followed by the vivacious and spirited Alia Bhatt amongst many others.

CHIC A LABEL (Instagram) : Will not keep you wondering. That’s indeed me! My foray into the designing and retail industry with a dear friend, Nisha Wasnik. Blogging and the Label have been my chock-a-block schedule for months now. With little bouts of refreshment and respite that I earn playing the Mommy to my adorable daughter. A Pret-Clothing Line based in Nagpur, and we are super-kicked about Our First Exhibit. Yes, we do have the FB and Instagram Page. Go LIKE and FOLLOW them right away for updates and do DM us if you wish to grab an item or two. We will try and customise garments as per your order. This, being the onset, we are working towards what to brew and serve.

Signing off…time for some ‘messy bun and getting stuff done.’

Top : QUIRK BOX / Dhoti-pants : CHIC A LABEL / Bag : VERSACE JEANS / Kicks : REEBOK / Shades : EMPORIO ARMANI / Ring : MICARE / On my wrist : GLOBUS


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