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About BLOG:




Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
Dress up like the World’s a Ball.

The blog is a curate collage of my heartfelt ruminations on Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty.
A Celebration of Life in its myriad hues .

Join me on an expedition of What’s/Who’s In Vogue.

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About LOGO:

1. The Looking GLASS: The Mirror


Gaze and be Dazed:

Wake Up!
We Have Something Amazing To Show You!
Want To See It?
Go Look In The MIRROR!

Do you wake up to the MIRROR and behold the Fabulous You?
Today; Rise, Look into the pupil of your eyes and Believe that you are Beautiful – Your Kind of Beautiful.

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2. The Looking GLASS: Chess Symbolism

blog3I try and hold on to my sense of wonder:

MIRROR MIRROR on the wall
I refuse to hear your beck and call
You cannot show the best of me
For I am Much More than you can see.

MIRROR exudes true reflection but there is something Magical in it. It can Conjure Up your Aura and which my lovelies speaks louder than your Looks. Never confine to the first glance when you can kindle an image of who You are capable of Metamorphosing into.
Your transition from a meh  PAWN to the whoa QUEEN can only catalyse if you believe that you have an INVISIBLE CROWN on – Yes the one in sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Be the QUEEN you are!
There’s a reason,
the QUEEN is an invincible piece
                                                                                                       in the Chessboard of Life.


3. The Looking GLASS: Through My Opera GLASS

blog-4On the Nagpur Fashion Front:

Let’s see the Kaleidoscopic Runway of Nagpur through my Opera GLASS.

The adieu from Kolkata to Nagpur wasn’t particularly a delightful one in terms of splurging on Whatever Wherever. The city tends to disappoint in the retail domain and What, no Luxury Brands?! Nevertheless there is no dearth of Fashion Forward Senoritas who hail from here and can give the celebs a run for their money. I bang into them everywhere around – be it a hop to the grocery store, outside college premises, the posh neighborhoods or on the streets of Happy Nagpur. So, I have dedicated a section to THE CITY and its Cinderellas who strut about in their GLASS Pumps. In the IN MY CITY section I will try and decipher Nagpur’s sartorial choices, not the Satanic way though.Winks Winks.  Not that I have a high opinion of myself. I have my own set of flaws, imperfections and bad buys which I don’t intend to do away with.

The Race is On
                                                                                                and I am holding the Glasses steady.
                                                                                           Are you ready for the Flashbulbs?!