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Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you beautiful happenings this 2016!

What better than to start with a ‘beauty post’ – my first as a Beauty Blogger. Well, that’s how I add feathers to my blogger cap.

So, the most coveted beauty look of 2015, running into 2016 is – ‘the No-Makeup Mastani Look’. It is one powerful fashion statement that seems too beautiful to be true. I say ‘powerful’ for, the look though simple, speaks volumes.

Deepika Padukone is one epitome of Indian Beauty. She plays ‘Mastani’, the Muslim wife to Maratha Peshwa, Bajirao in the epic historical romance ‘Bajirao Mastani.’ She looks so ethereal that her beauty is hard to miss. Simplicity at its stupefying best. Speechless!

Technically speaking, the look isn’t as simple as it seems. A natural, no-makeup-makeup look in Bollywood is an understatement. I strictly speak in terms of mise-en-scene. The makeup has to be detailed enough to be visible on the screen. Which is why this ‘recreate the look’ has to do with a couple of vanity products (ten in all, minus the brushes). The look cannot be just a foundation and a lip tint. Well, I have tried to skip as many products as could be. The look is a minus eyeliner, a minus powder, a minus contour and a minus highlight. But what screams about the look is the glowy-strobed face and the strong eyebrows.

I usually do a lot of pinks, so I am aiming for a natural ‘brown’ look, in here. But you can opt for the pink too. Scroll down for the steps to achieve the simple-flawless look. Let’s get rolling!


A. Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in ‘NC 35’
B. Strobe Cream: MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion (Moisturising Luminizer)
C. Buffer Brush: REAL TECHNIQUES Expert Buffing Brush (Core Collection)

Start on a clean face. Mix FOUNDATION and just a small blob of STROBE CREAM, and apply in dots all over the face. Don’t forget the neck and the ears.

Blend in the product in circular motions with the BUFFER BRUSH. The brush helps achieve the air-brush finish to the skin and also diffuses the foundation for a softer, lighter effect. After all, we are aiming for a less made-up coverage.

[Use a concealer if you have to, for a perfect base. I haven’t. Have skipped the powder too for my face is not that oily; also, I wanted a glowy finish to my face. But you may apply it on your T-zone and then blend it outwards]

D. Eyeshadow: MAC Paint Peintures in ‘Bamboom’ (Beige-Brown with Golden Shimmer)
E. Highlighter: REVLON Diamond Lust Eyeshadow in’ 600-Champagne Buzz’
F. Mascara: MAC Haute & Naughty Waterproof Lash (Dual-Wiper System)

Squeeze out the EYESHADOW and apply all over the eyelids with your finger. The consistency is creamy-smooth, and the warmth of the finger works best for its application. But blend quickly for the formula goes on creamy and dries to a powdery finish in ten seconds. Also, work a darker application on the creases for more defined eyes.

HIGHLIGHT the inner corner of your eyes and also below the brows. Blend well.

Sweep on two generous coats of MASCARA. Much needed, for, we are ditching the eyeliner.[ You may tight-line your eyes with kajal. Look slightly upward and draw the kajal in between your upper lashes, rather than on top of your lash line, for a more fuller look]

G. WHITE KOHL: MAC EYE KOHL in ‘Fascinating’ (Intense Matte White)
H. BRUSH (EYEBROW): Angled Eyebrow/Liner Brush
I. EYESHADOW (EYEBROW): MAC EYESHADOW in ‘Concrete’ (Muted Taupe Brown)

[Deepika’s brow game was on point. So, this is the part we need to work on. Before you start, you need to have a fair idea of the eyebrow game- from where it should start, to the where the arch should be, to the where it should end].

Pick the EYESHADOW (using it as the eyebrow colour, here) on an angled brush and tap off the excess. Then, begin tracing the ideal eyebrow shape. Start by underlining the under part of your brow. Continue defining the arch and work it towards the ends, in light sweeping motion. Next, fill in the eyebrow front in subtle soft strokes (down to up). Repeat- working the brows thicker, till you are just happy with the defined look [I have to admit that I didn’t try too hard, for, I wasn’t too comfortable with the super thick version on me]. Clean up the excess. Repeat the HIGHLIGHTER below the brows, if required. And poof you get the much expressive Deewani brows. [TIP: For the eyebrows, always use a dark brown shade; never a black. A few shades lighter than your natural hair colour (in matte) should work best]

Now this is something Deepika is definitely wearing – a nude kohl on her waterline (bottom lashes). I filled in mine with WHITE KOHL, so it is apparent in the pictures.

J. BLUSHER: MAC Blusher in Mocha (Soft Plum-Pink in Matte)

Dab the BRUSH in the BLUSHER and tap off excess. Apply the colour to the apples of the cheeks in sweeping strokes and blend well.


Line your lips with the LIP-LINER. Make a defined ‘V’ and fill in the lips too.

Apply LIPSTICK in dabbing strokes. We need just a light sweep of colour for a natural tinted feel. Repeat till the gaps are filled in.

VOILA, any Deewani gets to be a Mastani! Now accessorize and pose in your dramatic best. Just don’t try too hard. Let your eyes and brows do all the talking.

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