COACHELLA 2017 : Fashion Forecast, My Coachella-Inspired Looks

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[PC: Instagram/allpunkedup]
[PC: Instagram/allpunkedup]
The most sought-after Festival Season is here! COACHELLA 2017!



‘The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ held annually in Indio, California is one global rage. The largest, the most profitable and the most popular music festival, attended by melody fans from across the globe. THE Weekend in Paradise! Two weeks of revelry in the desert air of Colorado, amidst the palm greens, during which the existence becomes elemental with Music, Art, Food and Nature.



COACHELLA is definitely grand on Music. But the COACHELLers also take their Food, Frolic and Fashion rather seriously. In fact, the COACHELLA Fashion is talked about rather passionately.



COACHELLA is big on A-list attendees – the Celebrities, the popular Instagrammers, Models, Bloggers – most of who try real hard in collaboration with the Fashion Brands to put their best foot (and all of the body…wink)forward. The Fashion Influencers are happy to have their OOTDs and OOTNs sponsored too. What follows is – the Social Media gets inundated with Festival-Inspired Outfits and Makeup. Not to miss the frenzy that engulfs the Fashion Lovers during the before and after. We have Fashion Brands dedicating Clothing Line for the festive-goers or for the ones inspired, anywhere. Talk about Fashion Pop-Up shops or Sponsored Parties, Theme Parties and what not!



[PC: Instagram/coachellaparadise]
[PC: Instagram/coachellaparadise]
It’s Bigger and Better! The Bitter Being, Beyonce having pulled out of the concert due to her pregnancy health. Backing right in is Lady Gaga along with Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar. That’s some Line-Up!

Also, H&M curates ‘H & M Loves Coachella’ – the Coachella Official Collection, yet again.



Stay Hydrated!

– Dress up Trendy yet Snug(loose-fit). Casual yet covetable.
– Comfy Footwear
– Layer up: Hoodie/Jacket(when the mercury dips)
– Sunscreen, Portable Charger, Hand Sanitizer, SPF Lippies,Water-      bottle



PC: Pinterest
[PC: Pinterest]
To rightly capture the essence of COACHELLA, go follow ‘the Queen of Coachella’ – Vanessa Hudgens. Also, Kendall, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Kate Bosworth…

Here’s decoding Fashion at Coachella:-


Predominantly ‘Boho-Chic’. A mix of Gypsy, Grunge, Vintage, 60’s-70’s Hippy, Feminine.


Sheer, Ruffles, Lace, Mesh, Ikat, Net, Tassel, Crochet, Tie-Dye, Embellished, Patch, Denims, Studs, Suede, Floral, Cotton, Plaid, Graphic, Satin(BIG this 2017)


Denim anything, Kaftan, Crop Top, High-waisted Shorts, Romper, Slip-Dress, Midi-Dress, Maxi-Dress, Off-Shoulder, Play-suit, Bralettes, Body-suit, Cut-out, Criss-Cross Necklines, Flared Sleeves/Pants, Halter-Tops, Athletic-Tops(BIG this 2017)


Predominantly Whites, Blacks, Neutrals, Graphic, Denim(If that can pass off as a colour)


Cross-body, Draw-string, Tassled Slings, Back-pack, Fanny Pack.


Metallic/Statement/Boho Jewellery, Midi-rings, Choker, Layered Necklaces, Septum Ring, Ear-loops, Body Chains.


Bandana/Scarf, Floral Wreath/Head Gear/ Jewelled Headband, Hats – Floppy, Dad Hats, Baseball Hats(BIG this 2017)


Balayage, Waves, Chalk Hair, Mermaid Hair, Boho Braids, Hair-updo, Glitter Roots,  Double-Knot Bun and Half Knot Bun(BIG this 2017)

• ART:

Mehandi/Tattoo – Metallic/Henna/Painted, White Pattern, Foil Paint (BIG this 2017)


Ankle-biker Boots, Gladiators, Strappy Sandals, Platforms, Espadrilles, Sneakers(BIG this 2017)


Metallic, Transparent, Oversized, Funky, Reflective.


Graphic Liners, Cut-Crease Eyes, Lower Lip Graphic Highlight & Foiled Freckled Skin (BIG this 2017)



[PC: Pinterest]
[PC: Pinterest]
What was being served or what was trending the year past doesn’t mean it should be the staple to adhere to. Nobody wants to bump into another wearing a similar. So, here’s how to dress to the theme, still make a mark and not be a cliche. This 2017 is predicted to be a good mix of Feminine, Fierce and Fatal. This year it’s all about mixing trends/decades and NOT serve up ALL ‘boho’. Say, Track Pants with Halter Lace Tops, Playsuits/Rompers with Sneakers, a Dress over Denim Shorts with Double-knot Bun.

WHAT’S HOT(It’s 2017!) || WHAT’S NOT(So Last Year!) || STILL HOT(So Coachella):

Track Pants || Baggy Pants || High-waist Denim Shorts

 Foiled Freckles(Makeup) || Metallic Tattoos || Layered Choker

 Metallic || Suede || Denim

 Half-knot Bun || Flower-wreath || Double-Knot Bun

Silk wide pant || Sports Bra || Embellish/Patch-work

Baseball Cap || Floppy Hat || Dad Hats

– Athletic tops || Flag-inspired || Graphic prints


Listed below are a few subtle looks I have put together to share my COACHELLA fervour. Not a ditto take but you could well call it COACHELLA-themed and take the dress-up cue! Again, I haven’t gone too experimental on the make-up for I am very much here. Feeling FOMO; so getting my dose of recreation on the YouTube Channel for Live Updates and Performances too; as I upload this post!

Scroll Down for Festival-Ready pictures of me!

At COACHELLA Theme Party
Floral Headgear
Floral Headgear
Statement Midi-Rings and Whites
Fun Coloured Nails
Multi-layered Choker
Statement Neck-piece
Statement Neckpiece
Tassel Bracelet, Gear Watch Notification(so you don’t miss the performance next)
Chunky Midi-Rings, Boho Hair, Chunky Silver Neckpiece, Stacked Rings
Accessories + Fun Lips
Floral Shoes
Suede Ankle Boots
Graphic, Fun Canvas Vans
Metal accent Kolhapuris/Chappals/Flip-flops
Thigh-high Gladiators
Metallic Boots
Boots vs Keds | Candy Bag vs Metropolis Sling
Black Reflective Sunnies
Floral Top, Stacked Hand Accessories, Fringe Neckpiece
Layer Up for the Evening!
Statement Pins to funk up your Outfit
White, Denim, Lace, Boho and All-things Coachella!


Crop vs Maxi
Coachillin’ : White, Frills, Sheer, Shorts, Sling, Gladiators, Statement accessories
Coachillin’ : ‘Music Makes you high’ Graphic Crop, Track Pants(Boho-Athletic Vibe), fun, comfy shoes
Coachillin’ : Double-knot Hair, Reflectors, Statement Neckpiece, Basic Dress, Mosaic Cover-up
Coachillin’ : Round Sunnies, Boho Braids, Mosaic Maxi
Coachillin’ : Denim+White. Floral Top. Distressed Denim, Canvas Vans
Coachillin’ : Graphic Top, Sling Bag, Side-Hair Updo, Boho Bangles
Indian Boho Vibe! White Henna, Boho Earrings, Silver Cuff, Sandals
Coachillin’ : Loose-fit Dress, Canvas Keds, Sling, Boho Hair, Funky Socks
Coachillin’ : Double-knot Hair, Sunnies, Layer, Comfy Footwear
Coachillin’ : Denim+White. Metallic Sunnies, Gold Fringe Earings, Metallic Tote
Coachillin’ : Half-knot Bun, Layered Choher, Off-shoulder, Denim
Insian Boho Vibe: Metallic Arm Cuff, Bindi, Nose-ring, Scarf worn as Turban, Tied-up Dress


Coachillin’ : ‘GREENERY’ colour Maxi, Bag for your Essentials, Scarf, Oversized Sunnies
Coachillin’ : Neutral Dress+ Metallic Accents
Coachillin’ : Denim+Florals. Sling Bag, Half-Knot Bun


Coachillin’ : Boho Earrings, White Henna, Silver Chunky Cuff, Boho Hair

Ain’t that lucky to be in the desert this time? Sway away till your stars favour your year next! Or let’s put it this way – Be the QUEENCHELLA, anywhere in the world; you just have share the COACHELLA feeling! Happy Food, Frolic Festival, you guys!


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