Denim: Twice as much! Denim-on-denim

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It’s that kind of day when I pretend that the alarm didn’t go off. Now that I am already running late I toss the quilt off the bed, most of it currently strewn on the floor, not knowing why it deserved being floor-ed. I usually like to decide in my head the-what-to-wear say the previous night(not an a.m. person) for the morning next – the day I have an errand to run or a meet-up to attend. Last night I tucked into my bed knowing I need to wake up ten minutes earlier than usual, for reasons obvious. Now with too less the time could I look the best possible? Possible! Wait for this!

All you have to do is- rummage through your closet and just follow two rules. Rule No. One: bring out the Denim. Rule No. Two: bring out the Denim. Not a typo, I was talking Denim-on-Denim; the trend also referred to as Canadian Tuxedo. Easy like that! Oh and I can do this with eyes closed(by feeling the texture). That staple in ever girl’s wardrobe, why just the girls! For, Denim worked in Duo can make pretty chic a statement.

Denim is ever on the fashion radar. One classic that plays up raw, rugged, cool, comfy, practical and versatile to great effect. Double up that It-Wear for some serious style inspiration. A Denim Square and who says you can’t run the world?!

Giving the cold shoulder to Winters(long gone) in a ‘STALK BUY LOVE Cold-shoulder Cotton-Denim shirt’. A tie-up knot at the waist with front pockets, add to that the roll-up sleeves! Also, the long-drawn sleeves and the sharp collar render more definition to the shoulder cut-outs.
Pairing the white(ish) Denim shirt with the ‘VERO MODA distressed blue jeans’. I don’t like doing the-all-one shade look even though that renders a taller, leaner look.
A boxy animal print ‘CAVALLI CLASS’ bag and I am all geared up for the day!
Furthermore, oomph-ing up the Denim Duo with a ‘GET ACCESSORIZED Pastel Buddha Bloom Neckpiece’. One statement wear with clustered stones and dangling Buddha motifs!
Btw did you pay heed to the one rolled up ankle? Shining from below which is the LIMEROAD tri-color-block heels, adding the playful spritz to the All-Denim look.
Not to miss…Blue Reflectors On, for the Winter is long gone!

Before you murmur your Goodnight Prayers tonight, don’t forget to Double-check on that alarming alarm. And greet that perfect Chirpy Day in your comfiest and trendiest best.


Shirt : STALK BUY LOVE (Light Euphoria Shirt)

Bottom : VERO MODA (In Blue Jeans)


Necklace : GET ACCESSORIZED by Hasmeet




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