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Tada…and I am back as a Personal Style Blogger with the very first LOOKBOOK/ OUTFIT POST.


What better way than to start with a ‘Self Confessed Shout-out Sweatshirt.’ For it reads, ‘Full Time Fashion Blogger’. Hail ‘Our’ Must Haves! Am I being pompous? Well, narcissism in little doses slayed none! Much needed, now on, I’d like to believe. And, you may laugh this off and jump on the next line.


As much as I hate to admit, it’s here already, and it’s here to stay for a good three to four. Winter, in my opinion, is one ‘Intolerable (yes, you read that right) Monster’ for reasons galore. The morning chill, the lethargic feels, the constant tug at the blanket, the not wanting to let go of the warm air pockets of the bed, the flu, and never to pardon the long flight take-offs in the foggy whites that doesn’t rejoice in lovers’ reunion. Ask me! I am a Summer person with the AC and ice to the rescue. Nothing exciting to talk about the Winters except for the fact that one can pretty much stay stylish come what may (May or November). Think trench coats, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, boots, faux fur, layering, rich deep tones…





The one I am wearing is a ‘JABONG INDIA for RIVER ISLAND’ Sweatshirt. Not a printing error that it reads an XS but is floppy enough for an XL. How I wish the neckline was large enough for the one-shoulder pull down. A visit to the saviour (read: the alteration guy) and I was sorted. So that’s my look for the thick cotton garment; a little loose with the sleeves pulled up. A floral ‘MADAME’ jeans dresses up the tee as does the chunky heels that render feminity to the otherwise boxy silhouette of the sweatshirt. The fuss-free top knot was a little experimental as was the lip colour. Also, my two favourite things about the look. Oxblood is not for the faint-hearted. The one I am wearing is a ‘L’OREAL PARIS COLLECTION STAR REDS LIPSTICK in PURE GARNET_SONAM KAPOOR.’ A deep wine-berry red with brown undertones. This go-to Winter shade is a matte finish and super-pigmented. A safer bet than MAC DIVA and MAC REBEL (way more ‘diva-licious’ and ‘rebel-lious’ in tone). The colour rocks except for the fact that I am not blessed with fuller lips. Think Hollywood and I get my fair share of solace. He! He! The watch is an ‘ARMANI Ceramica Chronograph’ in white.

Oh! Did I mention my favourite thing about Winters? When it’s over!

Wish me a Happy Hibernating until my next post. And off I go to find respite in the cozy comfort of a beloved. Heaven!

Sweatshirt: Jabong India for River Island / Jeans: Madame / Lipstick: L’Oreal Paris Collection Star Reds in Pure Garnet / Watch: Armani
PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – Shades: Dior / Bag: DKNY / Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Precisely, this (the Fashion Blogger Sweatshirt post) as the opening post was premeditated. One glance at the picture and you won’t have to work your head off as to what the blog/account is all about. So yes, it is the declaration of the ABOUT of the LOOKBOOK as well as the Instahandle @PRIYANKAPIAJAISWAL.
@PRIYANKAPIAJAISWAL will only feature (as the name suggests), my pictures as a Personal Style Blogger (More of Outfit Posts).
@THELOOKINGGLASS.CLUB, on the other hand, will be a good concoction of Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Bollywood, Outfit Posts, Reviews, Recommendations and more.


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