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Demonetization may not seem a Welcome Change, but it surely is a Welfare Change in the long run; the bigger picture if you can fathom. With the much-flattered blushing Pinks in circulation and the now Monarch 100s, people are feeding their BASIC needs and not just splurging on what is not required at the time. Guess the call of the hour is to SAVE and SPEND WISELY which can be a blessing in disguise.

Is this #BetterIndia leap kindling your fashion woes? Won’t so if you continue reading.

Believe it or not, one doesn’t have to splurge on new items of clothing or accessories to keep stylish. One can put together a voguish look with what one already has. Yes, you too. Nothing to wear is a fiction that exists only in the mind.

The key here too is, to amp up your BASICS whilst SAVING and SPENDING WISELY.

(1.) BASICS: Modi-fy, Work up or Quirk up your BASICS:
First, fling open that closet and tidy it up. Segregate the basics, the formals, the party picks or whatever. Also, season sort. Easier to work when there’s less of a clutter, right?
I say BASICS because it is plain sailing working with them, and definitely wiser. BASICS can be game changers be it your crisp shirt, a sombre shift dress, the classic denim, a silk blouse, the no-brainer LBD, a solid tee, that mustard turtleneck or your neutrals.

HOW TO STYLE THE BASICS: The Experimental Styling Way:
Layer one up with a cool outerwear; add fun accessories; quirk it up with the footwear, maybe that statement piece, or, all of these if you may, for a cooler fashion-forward look. Only that, you should know where to stop. And that you will master with experience. But take the plunge, I say. There’s nothing to lose but a whole lot to achieve. Good things happen to those who try and Dare. It is for a reason they say, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will (Anne Klein)”

Resurrecting a ‘Basic H & M Stripe Dress’ here. Styling it up with ‘QUIRKBOX Floral Mosaic Art Print Outerwear’, cool ‘Turquoise and black Kolhapuri Chappals by THE HYPE SHOP’. Letting the hair down in the edgy Double Knot Hairdo, funky green reflectors and dark autumn lips. After all, going experimental on that mane calls for zero investment. That ‘FOREVER NEW orange statement neckpiece’ is from my sister’s closet.

(2.) SAVE:
Hence proved, post that sorting, that we women clearly have the world to wear than the island that we admit. Also, working with pieces that we already have helps SAVE money; and some wardrobe space.

(3.) SPEND WISELY: Remember the Cost-Per-Wear rule?
Now you know how to incorporate items once purchased but never worn or haven’t used in a long time. Weren’t they screaming out to be in the open!

Days of cash crunch can run a little longer! We can still be Fashion Doyennes!








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Dress: BASIC H & M // Outerwear: QUIRKBOX // Neckpiece: FOREVER NEW // Footwear: THE HYPE SHOP


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