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True that the fresh showers bring in respite from the scorching heat. The petrichor, the bright greens of the early months bring in sensory glee. Whereas the endless days of outpour; boredom and lethargy. What better than to drive away the gloomy blues and show up in merry colours. Which is why this multi-coloured maxi by MISSAMORE was the one I clicked onto while sipping my chai away.

I received the parcel earlier than expected. I always call for a medium when shopping online and have the garment altered to my size, rather than having to call for an exchange. Which is not much of a problem actually with MISSAMORE.COM, for, they vouch for easy returns. But that’s how it works for me.

This digital print crepe maxi boasts of bell sleeves, overlapping top, a key hole button back and a fit and flare fit. The geometric pattern in varied hues in an offset white make this dress a glorious wear for a sail away on a yacht. Pair it with classic white round frames and row away. Or simply team it with pretty umbrella for a hop onto the nearby cafe. Long AMAZON.IN ‘BLUEBERRY’ earrings, LIMEROAD ‘British Royal’ arm cuff, INTOTO colour-block wedges, braided hair tuck is all one needs to turn the drops of melancholy to spirited outpours.

Happy soaking and sipping; or just keep warm indoors with neat feet and a good read.









Maxi : MISSAMORE / Earrings : BLUEBERRY(AMAZON) / Arm Cuff : LIMEROAD / Wedges : INTOTO


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