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Monsoon’s here! True we did call for a respite from the perspiring days but how about the what-to-wear monsoon fever. Fret not! We have a key to your rainy woes. How ’bout some rainy day inspirations? Go all POP & nude by embracing BUBBLEGUM Fashion, this season.   Chase those Rainy Blues away and team up a BUBBLEGUM–hued (Read: Candy


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DIOR ADDICT (NEW LOOK 745): REVIEW, COMPARISON, SWATCHES “A touch of colour is all it takes to change your appearance”- Christian Dior YAY to my First Vanity Review and what better way than to start with the ultimate fashion accessory –the lipstick. Is it just me or is there actually something very intoxicating about a new lippie. It’s linear and


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‘I am your Beloved so transform me with your Midas touch’ Sorry MISSes if you read that quote with rapt attention. It’s merely the translation of the ‘Sun Sathiyaa’ verse. Here’s how it goes, ‘Piya bas teri main Ho..chhu le toh khari main Toh khari main khari main…’ Been a month now…can’t stop admiring Shraddha Kapoor’s dance sways in the


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SUMMONing the MONsoon coz the SUMmer didn’t treat you as well? We believe! Want to strut out in style despite the downpour? First things first, ditch those rubber-y boots if the only time you’ll be outdoors is the time you hop into and off the car. Here’s a look that’s SUMmery yet fresh as the MONsoon showers. A crop tee

Peek a BOO

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A Big THUMBS DOWN to one Ameesha Patel who has a string of fashion faux pas to her name. That’s not how you do it right Miss Patel, right? Why all that PEEK a boo (get the hint) despite the ‘PEEK’ a BOO in that ‘sheer-y’ nude lining. Despise! Well, atleast that make-up saves her day. PS It’s a Ramona