VLCC STYLE STATEMENTS Bloggers Meet – Nagpur Edition

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VLCC - 'Transforming Lives'
VLCC – ‘Transforming Lives’


Bloggers Meet

Having garnered success across nine cities already, the #VLCCSTYLESTATEMENTS held in Nagpur was a revelation. Attended by influencers across the city, the Nagpur Event was the first of a kind Bloggers Meet ever to happen here. I was so pumped to meet people in my niche. So, can’t thank VLCC enough for the opportunity whilst feeding our curiosity on all things Fitness, Beauty, Slimming, Dermatology, Hair, Laser, Spa and Home Beauty Services too.

The Event introduced with a Hearty Welcome, Centre Tour, and reinforced with Interactive Q&A Session, concluded with Hi-Tea, Experiential Pampering Service and Exclusive Gift Hamper.

In the Digital Era replete with knowledge at our fingertips we think we know it all. But myths were busted by the VLCC Experts(well-informed and skilled with a holistic approach into Wellness that the Brand caters to) who were all ears to our concerns and that of our followers sent in across Social Media. Well, most of you know that already from HERE.



-Not just a Slimming Centre with the ‘Before and After’ Fitness Stories.

-Not just another Salon. One receives a well-consulted customized solution coupled with fitness, diet modifications for the solution to last. Beginning with understanding the predisposition, lifestyle, medication, hormonal levels of the client and by DNA Skin Analysis.

-Not just for Women. 30% men clientele in Beauty. The ratio being higher in Slimming category.

-Pocket-friendly services inclusive of consultation rates coupled with offers.



A gamut of questions was posed by the participants to Mrs. Sushmita Verma (Category Manager for VLCC Beauty) ranging from Hair care, Skincare, Slimming, Lifestyle, Body Sculpting, Eyelash Extension…you name it!

Three questions that I had put forth are:

Q 1: Nagpur (now everywhere, thanks to Global Warming) is infamous for sweltering SUMMERS. What specific PRODUCTS/SERVICES can one avail of at VLCC?
-Indulge in C-T-M ROUTINE daily. Moisturising being the key.
-Drink adequate water.
-Sunscreen to be reapplied every few hours(even SFP 50) and also when indoors.
-Scarf tied around for protection outdoors has to be washed regularly.
VLCC Services: Anti-tan Facials, Moisturising Facials.
Q 2: A HAIR Concern sent in by a follower. Due to frequent Zumba, my otherwise healthy, lustrous HAIR has LOST ITS SHEEN.
-Excercise tend to make our scalp sweaty. Get rid of grime by washing your hair daily.
-Condition only the lengths of the hair.
VLCC Services: Medavita, Deep-scalp massage.
Q 3: My concern: I have STRETCH MARKS from delivering a baby. As much as I take pride in it, HOW CAN I MAKE IT LESS PROMINENT for times I wish to don Crop Tops or the likes?
-Depending on how severe they are, Stretch Marks can be made less conspicuous.
VLCC Services: Slimsonic Treatments which uses Radio Therapy.



(To learn about a host of other services visit VLCC’s Website HERE)

Made popular by Hollywood A-lister, Kim Kardashian, this scientific treatment works wonders for the dull and sallow skin imparting it the youthful appearance one seeks.
-Encourages cellular growth.
-Stimulates healing
-Imparting one a youthful glow


a.) Derma Heal Eye Treatment: Bio actives formulated Eye Filler treatment, that dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around the eye area.
-Instant wrinkle filling effect.
-Improves skin texture.
-Boosts radiance.

b.) Visionergy: Engineered to tackle problems commonly faced in the eye contour area.
-Minimises superficial signs of ageing
-Prevents the formation of future skin flaws.
-Imparts natural luminosity.

One of VLCC’s Star Products exclusively available with them. It works wonders for your hair, treating it at the roots.
-Deep conditions
-Dandruff-free, frizz-free hair.

Beta Treatment, Chemical Peels, Micro Needling with Radio Frequency, Botox, Paraffin-wax Pedicure(for cracked feet)



Hand Massage Indulgence!

I had a hearty time at the VLCC Event. From sharing light moments with the hospitable team to the delectable spread of refreshments served, the Gift Card, Gift Hamper to the Experiential Pampering Service.

Visit the nearest VLCC for the experience and indulge in self-love.

Happy news for My Readers here! I have an Exclusive Coupon Code that you can avail of for a discount.

Code: 7K2B1H1T (Valid till 30-06-17)

– Discount: 10% on availing any service with VLCC( valid over and above the current discount )
– To Use: Only once
– Validity: 30th April
– Not applicable on: High-end Dermat services

Scroll down for the Event Highlights in pictures. Happy Viewing!

VLCC – The Brand
The VLCC Network
The calming ambience of the rejuvenating rooms
The calming ambience of the rejuvenating rooms
The Grooming Seat wih the built-in Massager and Jacuzzi
The plush, comfy seats at the centre
Equipped with the lastest range in products
The Scale of Operations in Indian and abroad
Session Live Streamed
Live Streaming
Mrs. Sushmita Verma, Category Manager – Beauty at VLCC
Ms. Sushmita Verma – VLCC and Ms. Anu Yadav – BlogMint
Posing for the shutterbugs
Exchanging numbers
Exchanging number with fellow bloggers
At #VLCCStyleStatements
VLCC Gift Hamper
Gift Hamper: Exclusive Gift Card and Products received

Happy Self-Love!


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